Thursday, 27 February 2014

I have devloped a chatting application for android. I have used an open source project Android-IM for this. I have released its preview.

How does it work?
It works on a MySQL database which is being used by a opensource IM client.

Where can you Download preview?
You can download its preview at-
Hello Everyone
 Today I launch my open souce project "Windulator" . With this you can run Windows phone 8 OS on your PC!. It is a lot of fun running apps and games inside it. You can even use it on a touch PC for a better performance. Watch its video here-
Hey Guys,
I have released my new game Striker x10. It is an FPS game. The target of the game is stealing wepons and gold from the enemies. The game was made 2 months back.

The game consist of 5 levels. You can watch the demo here-

Hello to all!
Today I am very happy. I have launched my own company Applit Microsystems. I have earned about Rs 1800 this month myself by forking for clients as a freelancing company. You can find my compnies website, . 
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